Kyra Taylor

Red Light Osita Cabaret

When & Where May 21, 2023 | Osita Lounge and Restaurant 1728 Commercial Drive,Vancouver

Reviewer Michael Pink

Cabaret is a style of performance that is lively and entertaining and pleasantly returning to popularity. Red Light Osita Cabaret at Osita Lounge and Restaurant in Vancouver last week was performed to a full house of boisterous fans.

The raucous theme was Vancouver’s red light district of the 18th Century. Local performers Treasure Girls, Kyra, Kiara, Celina and Wave were enthusiastically introduced by talented dancer and fabulous MC, Jojo Zolina.

The first act and a highlight was Treasure Girls, from Wonder Dance Studio featuring artistic dancers Sherry, Iris, Lusia and Trista. They remind one of the popular Spice Girls all –girl band that enjoyed huge international fame. Treasure Girls are superb dancers, charming and won great applause.

Another performer Celina is a professional dancer with a long performance history including video and theatre. She has a unique style that brought the audience to enthusiastic applause. Celina has a wide list of dance moves including Jazz, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Salsa. Kyra Taylor and Kiara are versatile dancers who fuse fast dance moves with a colorful style.

The full house enjoyed the varied styles of dance and each dancer had a stage presence that added to the evening entertainment. Audience enthusiasm is the true test of a performance and so it is easy to see another popular show coming for these talented dancers.

© 2023 Michael Pink