The Biting School in partnership with the Roundhouse
Melon Piece + Blue Space

When & Where Thursday to Saturday, March 3 - 5, 2022, 7pm | Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews

Melon Piece
Performer/Choreographer ArashKhakpour Lighting Jessica Han Costume Stylist ElikaMojtabael
Composer Alex Mah 3D Imagine Alireza Akhbari
Blue Space
Performer/Choreographer Kelly McInnes Lighting Jessica Han

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

The Biting School was founded as a gathering place where dance, theatre and the performing arts could be explored by artists pursuing their vision of themselves and the world at large. It is a place to explore ideas that express a response to current affairs. Melon Piece + Blue Space were conceived to address issues that are important to the two performing artists who performed on Thursday night. Both Melon Piece and Blue Space were 30 minute solo explorations of a theme. In the case of Blue Space, Kelly McInnes has spoken of this piece as an exploration of humanity’s intrinsic relationship to water. She sees the work as reflecting the tensions between the healing that water offers us and our exploitation of it. Blue Space is performance theatre that highlights this message in a raw, visceral manner.

Melon Piece performed by Arash Khakpour took ideas from the circus clown, Vaudeville and the Marx brothers in a 30 minute slapstick routine that had the audience alternately laughing and then more reflective as the piece moved throughto the conclusion. Arash Khakpour, co-founder of The Biting School, was true to the philosophy of The School with his piece. The Company aims to translate the anxiety, the grotesque, the trauma and the beautiful of our time into the language of the flesh. Arash achieved this in the work he performed on Thursday night. It was alternately funny and grotesque.

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