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Date and Venue 13 November 2014 at 12 noon | Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St (at Granville)

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Two new creations in progress, one with Theatre Replacement, were presented to a sold-out crowd, mostly high school students who probably had a half-day field trip. This work will be presented in May 2015 for the Vancouver International Dance Festival.

The last piece, a 30-minute excerpt from The Sensationalists, an experimental collaboration with Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement, was interesting and very innovative. Around 30 members of the audience, mostly students, came down on the stage to participate in this piece. The dancers weaved around them, sometimes moving them to certain areas, and sometimes getting them to participate by interfacing with the dancers.

The first two pieces which, according to Co-director Lisa Gelley, are works in progress. The dances were athletic, physically demanding moves, yet graceful and flowing.

During the talkback, the audience expressed their feelings, and those who participated felt they were dancers and viewers simultaneously and those who didn't, particularly the senior citizens, said they danced with these young dancers in their minds and spirits and connected vicariously with them.

This was both an educational as well as entertaining hour, and the noon series presented by the Dance Centre is precisely what it's all about: to educate, discuss and preview shows by different dance companies before they bring their shows to the big stage.

© 2014 Ed Farolan