The Cultch
The Four Horsemen Project

Dates and Venue 28 October – 2 November 2014, 8pm ( 2pm on Nov 2) | The Cultch's Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables Street

Creators and Directors Kate Alton & Ross Manson Choreographer Kate Alton Animation Bruce Alcock / Global Mechanic Music Director John Millard Cast Jennifer Dahl, Graham McKelvie, Naoko Murakoshi, Andrea Nann

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Do you know what "Sound Poetry" is? Well, I was enthralled by the stunning performance tonight of The Four Horsemen Project. It is refreshingly new, innovative and truly off-the-wall entertainment.

The four performers, one man and three women introduce us to a combination of sounds that rhythmically jive with incredible dance choreography. How they remembered complex sounds and dance was nothing more than amazing. It is far easier to remember a script with language than one with only sounds. With profoundly professional presentation and a great sense of humour intertwined It was a successful performance with a standing ovation.

As the performance unfolded we were in shock at how different The Four Horsemen was. It was eye opening, with modern digital animation that, with skill and a great sense of beauty lit up the stage and back drop. Much of the digital designs in the background were black and white including the film clips but would suddenly change to a brilliant array of pinks in abstract. Alcock’s digital animation was sophisticated and well executed.

An incredible amount of time and soul went into producing this masterpiece. The four performers had great sound harmony, and danced seamlessly to very difficult choreography.

There were film shots of the original Four Horsemen that were an experimental group from the late 60’s and early 70’s. So there you have it. That, is how the name for The Four Horsemen came about. It is very difficult to describe what I saw and heard but it reminded me of the freedom we had as a small child to make any noise or movement that we felt in the” moment”.

I am giving The Four Horsemen Project a two thumbs up and hope that all of you come on down to the Cultch to enjoy a truly unique experience.

© 2014 Karen Fitzgibbon