Surrey Civic Theatre
Piaf & so much more!

Dates and Venue March 12, 2016 at 8pm | Centre Stage, 13750 88 Ave, Surrey

Performers Joëlle Rabu and Nico Rhodes

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

What a wonderful combination; a mother with a great voice and her amazing piano virtuoso son, Nico Rhodes on stage together.

Rabu sends us back to the romantic time of the amazing French singer Piaf. Her vocals are at their best and she has a wonderful personal connection with the audience. I am impressed with her presentation of Piaf’s best known songs and the warmth this lady radiates not just to her admiring followers but to her talented quick witted son, Rhodes. Rabu has a powerful voice and hits those high ones with ease. I am proud of her since she is a fellow Winnipegger. We have amazing talent in Canada and we should be thankful to have Rabu represent us in her world tours.

Rabu has non Francophone audience members singing in French before the night is out. Rhodes wheels in a large sign with the chorus and the audience loves it. The enthusiasm of the audience brings Rabu back on stage for a few extra numbers one of which is a sing-a-long. Yes, Rabu is a seasoned performer who performs smoothly and sincerely. I love the way she banters with her son now and then that adds fun to the performance.

© 2016 Karen Fitzgibbon