Andrea Superstein

Dates and Venue 8 February 2012, 8pm | Jazz Cellar, 3611 W Broadway

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

It has been some 20 years since I’ve been to the cellar and there was a mystique when I had to walk down an almost secret stairwell to enter the Jazz Cellar. The instruments on stage were framed by the classical black backdrop and so the feeling of jazz already filled the air.

The place was packed and abuzz. Food flowed from table to table. The food was well prepared and helped to set the mood for a great evening. The ambience of the cellar has a way of turning strangers in adjacent tables into friends by the end of the evening.

Andrea Superstein soon appeared for her first set at 8pm. With a warm smile and a confident, friendly, personality she took center stage. Dressed in a classic black and white dress her opening notes were clear as they ascended to the ceiling of the Jazz Cellar. She was accompanied by four great musicians; Victor Noreiga on grand piano, Adam Thomas - bass, Andrew Millar – drums, and Evan Arntzen – saxophone and clarinet as well as vocal accompaniment for Superstein. Superstein knows how to entertain an audience and does it well. She presented an innocent woman who wanted to be bad and the audience loved it. It was great to hear some new inspiring music written by Superstein from her new album One Night. Superstein and these talented musicians were well rehearsed but maybe to the point where there was a lack of spontaneity and soul that is so much a part of jazz.

The entire performance was entertaining, funny and Superstein had an earthy modest quality that seemed to draw the audience. Her voice was seductive and sophisticated in style with her own spinoff on some of the old classic songs by composers Weezer, Paul Simon and Radiohead. There is no doubt that Superstein is climbing in her career and if she could add a bit more spontaneity and soul we may see her on the top of the charts.

© 2012 Karen Fitzgibbon