Under the Reading Tree
African Soul Train

Date and Venue 26 April 2013, 8pm | Anza Club

Featured Performer Jeffrey Wood

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

The performance of Mr. Fantastic (Jeffrey Wood) was one of the most unique to be found in Vancouver. He displayed a profound drumming ability plus incredible dexterity in his acrobatics and juggling balancing act. We could only wish to be that physical fit.

The show started a half hour late. On stage were Mr. Fantastic and two accompanying drummers. Wood who hails from Ghana did not miss a beat throughout the performance however one of his musicians dropped his drum stick 3 times. Once can be overlooked but not three times!

Wood entertained us by balancing bowls on top of an umbrella and then balanced them while standing on the back of a chair. The chair was balanced on top of four bottles. It was tricky but he pulled it off. What made his act so enjoyable was his amazing personality. His face was animated and incredibly fun to watch.
The Reading Tree had a beautiful display of handmade crafts that were up for auction. The donations go to support literacy around the world. The Reading Tree’s Annual Fundraiser provides donations of books to non-profit organizations that give reading material to those less fortunate. Discover Books is the owner/operator of the collection boxes that have carried the Reading Tree symbol.

Book drop box locations can be found at http://www.discoverbooks.com. I admire the work that the Reading Tree does to give education to so many children and adults around the world. We often take for granted what we have in our country, especially the access we have to millions of books. If you have books you don’t want, don’t throw them away, just find the nearest box location  at the above web address and help provide literature to those who have none.


© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon