Theatre: Winter 2001


Venue: Studio 58, Langara College

Date(s): 15 November - 9 December, 2001

Reviewer: Jane Penistan

The marriage of traditional and modern is seldom an easy relationship. In Creation Peter Anderson has rewritten the story of the creation in the traditional mediaeval style of varied rhyming schemes but in today's language, while using references to current moral and economic issues. This is accompanied by Patrick Pennefather's contemporary music whose wit and style match that of the script. This modern mystery play, the first part of a trilogy, succeeds brilliantly.

The structure parallels mediaeval play cycles; where each guild performed a scene on its own wagon, so the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Ark, Moses and Aaron and the Egyptians take place in different areas of the stage.

Out of the pitch darkness stars whirl in fantastic patterns, light glows and grows revealing angels high on a balcony, as the sonorous voice of God (Jeff McMahan) proclaims the wonder of creation.

The brightest angel, Lucifer (Joey Ritchie), descends to Earth, exulting in his pride. He is soon banished to Hell, only to reappear in the garden of Eden, disguised as a serpent, ready to trick Adam (Corey Turner) and Eve (Layla Alizada) into eating a forbidden apple from a magnificent tree. The garden is the essence of life where birds fly on the ends of wands and the cast becomes a menagerie of masks. Almost all the actors play more than one role. Songs frequently link the scenes with keyboard accompaniment by Jeff McMahan and Lana Harwood. The performance culminates in a lively dance.

Kim Collier maintains the simplicity of characterization, scenery, props and costumes to good effect. This is an opportunity to experience a very different form of drama from most contemporary work, and to recognize some of its progenitors, linking the past to the present.

Creation runs at Studio 58, Langara College, 100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, in the basement of the Main Building.
15 November - 9 December, 2001: Wednesday to Sunday at 8.00pm with matinees on Sunday at 3.00pm.
Tickets, Wednesday and Thursday, $13,00 general admission, $12.00 students and seniors; Friday and Saturday $14.00 per person and both shows on Sunday two for one, $14.00, or $7.00 per person.
For tickets and reservations call the Studio 58 Box Office at 604-323-5227.

2001, Jane Penistan

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