Cathy Wilmot


nunFighting Chance Productions

Dates and Venue 6-23 July, 8pm. | White Rock Theatre, White Rock, Surrey

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This long running irreverent 1985 off-Broadway musical, with book, music and lyrics by Dan Goggin tells the story of what happens when all but five of the Little Sisters of Hoboken (in the original NY production) die of food poisoning. In this production, Mooney makes it more relevant by making these sisters members of a sister congregation in Surrey.

So now, Mother Superior (Janet Glassford) who has had circus-performing experience, has a vision to stage a variety show to raise funds for the burials with the other nuns: memory-strapped Sister Mary Amnesia (Keri Smith), stardom-seeking Sister Mary Robert Anne (Nicole Stevens), the obsessive ballet aficionado Sister Mary Leo (Celia Reid) and second-in-command straight-shooting Sister Mary Hubert (Cathy Wilmot).

I came across Applause Musical Society's Artistic Director Scott Ashton Swan before the show started, and he kidded me about sitting behind me so he could rock my chair in case I dozed off. Well, it is hard to keep awake for a musical at 3pm, and I must admit I did nod off a bit. I believe I woke up because it was intermission time, and also in Cathy Wilmot's rendition of "Holier Than Thou" which rocked the whole theatre. This song parodies Negro Spirituals, especially when Catholics go and play tug-o-war with Protestants.

Kudos to Director Mooney, musical director Vashti Fairbairn, and the entire cast and crew for an entertaining show.

© 2011 Ed Farolan