The Improv Centre
Stage Fright 2: Murder at the Disco!

When & Where September 28 - October 28, 2023 | The Improv Centre, Granville Island. Tickets available at

Reviewer Darren Cordeiro

As Halloween approaches, thrills and chills are in the air! Nestled in the heart of the quaint Granville Island, The Improv Centre is currently hosting Murder at the Disco, a spooky improv ‘whodunnit’ where all the cast could be the culprit. Like the Bee Gees from the Disco era would say, the audience was guessing throughout the performance in terms of who will be “Stayin’ Alive”.

The staging and costuming were nicely executed to portray the Disco Era. The costumes included over-the-top hair, oversized sunglasses, vibrant colours and bell bottoms! The stage set complemented it nicely with neon colours suited for that area which recreated the feel of being in a ‘70s disco.

The improv performers did a great job with their on-the-spot dialogue and mimicked the feel of the 1970s. Laughter erupted as they did various challenges including creating songs impromptu based on audience suggestions. The narrator/ disco club manager in the first act was effective in engaging the audience with our suggestions and carrying it through the narrative of the plot.

This improv event was unique as the second act wasn’t improv per se as they continued the plot without audience engagement. The second act’s plot was led based on audience feedback from the first act, but they did keep true to improv as they had an audience member play the role of the second detective which was humorous. I personally enjoyed this varied take on improv and found it to be refreshing.

If you are looking to shift gears from Summer to Fall as we head into this eery Halloween season, I suggest you head on down to Granville Island for Stage Fright.

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