Live at the 'Bolt with The Odds

with Randy Ponsio

Date and Venue 24 June 2011 at 6pm | The Shadbolt Centre Atrium, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Tonight’s performance in the Shadbolt Centre Atrium was an enjoyable experience. The Odds played songs from their four albums. They definitely had the place rocking with It Falls Apart, Someone Who’s Cool, and Make You Mad. Their whole performance was proof of their 20 years of perfecting their art. Their ability to improvise with whatever was going on in the audience was great. When two children started doing slides on the dance floor the band created musical accompaniment for them. This truly added a relaxed tone to the evening. Their periodic bantering with one another was choice and added a good sense of humor to the event. The architecture with high ceilings and high windows behind the stage produced a unique visual which made it possible to watch the Odds and Randy Ponsio with clouds floating high above them.

The evening started off with Randy Ponsio who was born in El Paso, Texas. He is his own one man band. He switched guitars and music loops in a unique hip hop style presentation that produced great sound. I was touched by his words that showed sincere caring for humanity around the world. Ponsio sets a good example for his 3 children that he is so proud of. Ponsio’s openness, his music and his warm personality will surely pave his way to a bright future, Randy has started the Quest Poetics movement which promotes fans as family.

The evening ended with the Odds playing to a full dance floor of happy fans. The only drawback was that the performance started an hour late but this didn’t seem to bother the fans in the least.

© 2011 Karen Fitzgibbon