Vancouver International Film Centre

Reviewer Ed Farolan

On Tour

dir. Mathieu Amalric. France, 2010, 111 mins.

Dates and Venue 9-12 Jan 2011 | Vancity Cinema, Vancouver

Mathieu Amalric is noted for his films Munich, Quantum of Solace, A Christmas Tale, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly... but the versatile actor surprised everyone when he walked away from last year’s Cannes film festival with the Grand Jury Prize for Best Director.

This film is the true burlesque movie of the season: five real life American New Burlesque artistes embark on a tour of France with divorced local manager Joachim (Amalric).These emancipated women (perhaps in their forties) have interesting moves, reminiscent of the old-style burlesque shows. It's a sexy. funny, and intelligent film – in English and French – with a laid back yetseasoned performance from director/actor.

The film opens and we see a the five women getting ready for their show. As the film progresses, we realise that this isn't the big-time bulesque show expected to give them accolades from Paris. Instead, they perform in small provincial theatres.

I enjoyed watching the different techniques each of the strippers do, and I was suprised how these American women could speak French.

The film ends, leaving us hanging, wondering what would happen next. Like nouveau directors, the audience is left in mid-air, asking, "What next?"

. © 2011 Ed Farolan