MJ Milne12 Golden Keys to a New World by M.J. Milne

Book Reviewer Ed Farolan

I was moved by this book, both emotionally and spiritually.  God moves the spirit in strange ways.  In one of the book's episodes, it talks of a woman who wanted to go to Mt. Grouse, but she ran out of money.  But lo and behold! The bus driver that drove up to Grouse gave her the money she needed to get on the gondola and back, plus a transfer for the bus to go back to Vancouver! 

But that’s not the end of the story.  While shopping, she heard an old lady in a department store saying she didn’t have that extra dollar to buy something.  And here she was, this lady who had the same experience in Grouse, come and offer her the dollar. Coincidence? Not really, answers Milne in her book, because that’s what 12 Golden Keys is about, its main theme being “Live to live”, where apparent coincidences aren't really coincidences. It's the way things flow, the ways things are meant to be.

In this book, Milne talks of the twelve secret keys to your encounter with your soul, with God.  It talks of listening quietly to your inner voice who is our soul and God talking to you and answering your prayers.

There’s a lot of talk these days of the end of the world, this material world we’re imprisoned in.  Perhaps because a new world awaits us, the spirit world where we’ll float in weightlessness like spirits, as testified by those who have died and come back to life again.

Just recently, the Vatican opened St. Lucia’s letter, the third letter from the Virgin of Fatima, prophesying the end of the world, to prepare us for our spiritual travel.  Our Lady’s letter to Lucia (1916) prophesizes the advent of earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, plagues, deadly viruses—all signs of the beginning of the end.  All these we are witnessing today.  In fact, Jehovah’s witnesses have been talking about the beginning of the end for the past several years.

This book with its 12 secret keys prepares us so we don’t panic when the end comes.  It’s a well-organized book with detailed footnotes, articles from different contributors and spiritual key exercises. Marilyn J. Milne wrote another book in 2005, a prophetic novel, Universal Tides, (www.UniversalTides.com) out of which evolved 12 Golden Keys.  Why the magic number 12 is also discussed in this book by this Canadian author who is also an artist and scriptwriter born and raised near the rainforests of Vancouver, B.C.

Her upcoming free workshop “Keys for Change: Create Your World, Your Way!” is on March 30th at the West Vancouver Library, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. For more info, check her website www.12GoldenKeys.com.

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