Home Sweet Home

Dates and Venues 2 - 4 June 2011 | Shadbolt Centre, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

How wonderful! We entered the theatre expecting rows of seats but instead we were presented with a dining theatre atmosphere. The theater décor in black and white with white table cloths and flickering candles gave a warm ambience of HOME. With this delightful start I sensed a successful performance of HOME SWEET HOME was about to take place. I was not disappointed!

In HOME SWEET HOME Melanie Yeats did an entertaining rendition of Sorry (wonderfully written by Cory Philley). Melanie portrayed a thwarted lover who keeps trying to talk to her ex-lover but has to resort to leaving long messages on voice mail. There is something really personal and at home when she appeared in the audience and connected with the audience.

Jesse Waldman is truly great blues! I was impressed with his voice and professional, easy and relaxed manner. His performance stood out and is one that I would like to see again.

The backdrop of video was a great idea and so were the old Mexican flicks. The only problem was, as a member of the audience I found it greatly out of focus and actually hard to watch for a long period of time.

Damian Rumph is a born story teller. He told a heartfelt story of friends made and lost in the great city of Vancouver that he now calls Home.

The director, playwrights, musicians, singers and all performers should be proud of themselves. Thank you for an entertaining evening.

© 2011 Karen Fitzgibbon