Gabriel Mark Hasselbach with Adam Rohrlick at the Ten Ten Tapas Restaurant

Days, times and venue Sundays (Brunch) 11am - 2:30pm and Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm | Ten Ten Tapas Restaurant,1010 Beach Avenue

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

There is a festive mood as we enter the sophisticated décor of Ten Ten Tapas Restaurant. It is beautifully located along the boardwalk of False Creek. The place is packed with happy holiday groups being served wine and the Thursday special of BBQ ribs.

Right on time, Gabriel Hasselbach takes the stage with guitarist Adam Rohrlick. They play a variety of pieces from several of Hasselbach’s albums: Cool Down, Told Ya So, and Kissed by the Sun, with the latest hit, "Lock It Up." Pretty amazing sounds float above the crowd from his flute, trumpet and flugal horn.

Rohlick and Hasselbach make a great duo with their good music, and the evening flies by.

Soulful talent like this is rare to find in a tiny, cozy restaurant with an intimate ambience. Usually, one would see such a professional artist on the big stage, and this is a real treat for customers in this little hide-a-way. Grab this exciting opportunity while you can before the big venues steal him away.

Told Ya So won Album of the Year in the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, plus he won an award for Instrumentalist of the Year. Hasselbach’s band, Powder Blues, won a Juno Award in 1980 for most promising group. This accomplished musician has won many awards, and no doubt, there are more to come.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon