National Theatre School of Canada


by Odon van Horvath

Translated by Christopher Hampton

directed by Micheline Chevrier

Dec. 12-16 at the Monument-National (Montreal)

Tel. (514) 842-7954


by Ed Farolan

I was truly impressed by the quality of professional acting by the graduating students of the National Theatre School of Canada here in Montreal.  They have shown from their acting abilities that they truly are ready to perform in the professional theatre circuit.

This work, which was translated effectively by Christopher Hampton, was written in the early 30s by an Austrian playwright, Odon von Horvath, who, after his untimely deeath in 1938, became, for some, one of the most important writers of the 20th century.

I think as a dramaturgist I found his dialogue rich and colourful, which makes a play like this a good medium for acting students.  The play was long, three hours, with two intermissions, but surprisingly, I wasn't bored, and neither was the audience.

The National Theatre School of Canada was founded in 1960 to ensure that talented French and English speaking Canadians receive high calibre training.  Many professional actors now got their start at NTSC.

Tickets are only $5 each, and the productions are of professional quality. Upcoming productions are Moliere by Sabina Berman, translated by Shelley Tepperman and Directed by Keith Turnbull from Feb. 27-March 3, 2001; and Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, directed by David Latham. from May 1-5, 2001.