evista Filipina

Revista Filipina

Touchstone Theatre


by Michael Healey

Until February 4th

at the Blinding Light Cinema (36 Powell St.)

Tix & Info: 689-0926


by Ed Farolan

I think what confused me most about this mystery play is the fact that it was a one-man show.  And when only one person performs a number of characters, the tendency is to get confused.

The show was 45 minutes long and it tells of an 11-year old girl who disappears on her way home from school.  Now we have Donald Adams playing five different characters: the man who appears in a hospital emergency room, having been kicked in the balls really, really hard.  Then comes another character, a detective who hears voices that lead him to a shoe salesman (another character); then a tortured doctor, and finally, a philosophizing bus driver.

When one gets a barrage of characters coming in and out, the tendency is to get confused.  The mystery gets more complicated, and this complexity makes it difficult for an audience to absorb.

From an artistic point of view, however, I think Adams did a good job playing the different characters.  I just wished that the plot wasn't too complicated, especially for a 45-minute piece like this one.

Revista Filipina