21st Annual European Union Festival

Dates and Venue November 23 - December 4, 2018 | The Cinémathèque

Tagged as EUROPE WITHOUT THE JETLAG, the Cinematheque’s annual celebration of new cinema from the European Union is proudly presented with the Vancouver consulates and the Ottawa embassies of the member states of the European Union and the Delegation of the European Union to Canada. This year’s festival showcases entries from 26 EU members.

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At Eternity's Gate

UK/USA/FRANCE, 2018. dir. Julian Scnabel, 110 mins.

Distributor: Elevation Pictures

Dates and Venues Opens November 2018 Various Select Cinemas

Reviewer Ed Farolan

There have been a lot of films and documentaries about Vincent Van Gogh, and even songs ("Starry, Starry Night"). Each one interprets his life differently. In this case, Schnabel focuses on the paintings and takes a different biopic approach. In fact, in his interpretation, Van Gogh cut his ear because his friend Gaugin left him to go back to Paris, instead of the common belief that he cut it for a prostitute. Schnabel also interprets his death not as a suicide but a homicide by a group of boys. Full review




The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova

USA 2018. Dir: Zack Bernbaum. 102 mins. Opens December Various select cinemas

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This film is somewhat funny in a tragic sort of way. It's about two siblings who are sent on a fool's errand to a small town in Poland. They are compelled to go at the urging of their grandmother, their "bubbie," who is dying, to find the remains of her dog who died sometime before WWII. Full review