Promising Young Woman

USA, 2020, Director Emerald Fennell, 113 minutes

FORMAT D-Cinema, Blu-RayTM, & DVD, also available on AppleTV

Reviewer Erin Jane

This is the story of a woman who is tired of the hypocrisy, the low-key abuse, and the outright danger of a deeply, insidiously patriarchal society. To reconcile her grief over a close friend’s as yet undefined trauma, Cassie (Carey Mulligan) drops out of med school and spends her nights pretending to be a vulnerable extremely drunk female..... Full review



News of the World

USA, 2020, Director Paul Greegrass, 124 minutes

FORMAT 4K, Blu-RayTM, & DVD, also available on AppleTV

Reviewer John Jane

News of the World is a Paul Greengrass’ film adapted from former Toronto, Ontario resident Paulette Jiles’ 2016 novel of the same name. It’s a curious title for an allegorical Western that serves as a kind of parable for our “unprecedented times.” Full review



xThe Legend of Tomiris

Kazakhstan 2019. dir. Akan Satayev. 156 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray. Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is the first time I´ve seen a film from Kazakhstan and in the Kazakh language (with English subtitles, of course). Excellent film. Superb acting and splendid direction. This legend is based on a true story about an Iranian people from a nomadic confederation of Central Asia. Full review



xThe Invincible Dragon

HK 2019. dir. Fruit Chan. 85 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray. Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Starring Max Zhang and Anderson Silva, this action-packed film follows the tradition of most Chinese martial arts films where fighting isn't the only feature. There's the fantasy angle, and in this case, an invincible dragon with nine heads. Full review


xCut Throat City

USA 2020. dir. Robert F. Diggs aka RZA. 123 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray. Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is an impressive third feature from musician-record producer RZA, about four young Black men in New Orleans who become armed robbers. It´s based from a screenplay by Paul Cuschieri and stars Blink (Shameik Moore), a drug dealer and aspiring comic book artist struggling to make ends meet. Full review


xBurnt Orange Heresy

USA 2019. dir. Giuseppe Capotondi. 98 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Based on the novel with the same title by Charles Willeford, there´s something lacking in this film, particularly the ending. We're left hanging and perplexed at the end: how did that portrait drawing in blue by Jerome Debney (Donald Sutherland) of Berenice Hollis (Elizabeth Debicki) end up in Duluth, Minnesota?  The director and screenwriter (Scott Smith) leave the audience wondering and letting them fill in the gaps. I should read the original novel and see what really transpired. Full review



xEvil Boy

Russia 2019. dir. Olga Gorodetskaya. 90 mins.

Available on VOD, Digital, DVD and Bluray. Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

It´s interesting to see a Russian horror film. First time for me. It has an interesting plot. Several years after their son’s disappearance, a grieving couple adopts a feral boy, who begins to eerily resemble their child more with each passing day. Full review


xOdd Man Rush

USA 2020. dir. Doug Dearth. 85 mins.

Available September 11 on demand or digital

Distributor: Pacific Northwest Pictures

Reviewer Ed Farolan

It´s often said that the book is better than the film. And that´s true with this film which is based on Bill Keenan´s book Odd Man Rush: A Harvard Kid's Hockey Odyssey from Central Park to Somewhere in Sweden—with Stops along the Way, his 2016 memoir  in which he recounts his experiences playing junior hockey, college hockey at Harvard, and professional hockey in Europe. At its publication, the book debuted as the #1 sports book on at which time it also broke into the top 100 books overall on the site. Full review



xBad Education

USA 2019. dir. Corey Finley. 108 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray Sep 8. Warner Bros Home Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Intriguing true story of a public school embezzlement scandal involving Long Island (Roslyn, NY) Superintendent Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman) and his assistant Pam Gluckin (Allison Janney), racking up more than $11 million in personal expenses. Full review



xThe King of Staten Island

USA 2020. dir. Judd Apatow. 137 mins.

Available on Blu-Ray, Digital and DVD

Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Based on a true story, writer/actor Pete Davidson plays the role of Scott Carlin, a 24 year old high school dropout, who lives with his mother Margie and his sister Claire on Staten Island. In the film, Davidson's character Scott, named in honour of his late dad, is also dealing with his firefighter father's death. Scott's dad also died when he was 7, but unlike Davidson's father, it was while responding to a hotel fire. Full review