Tomorrow´s Power

Canada 2017. Dir: Amy Miller. 78 min.

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Recently awarded the Best Documentary Feature Film Award at the Sydney World Film Festival, this film by Canadian documentary filmmaker and activist Amy Miller, from Montréal, will premiere at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in Toronto on February 20th.

The film showcases three communities around the world (Gaza, Germany, and Colombia) as local activists challenge fossil-fuel dependency and power structures in a struggle for social and climate justice.  In the oil-rich Arauca province in Colombia, communities have been building a peace process from the bottom up. In Germany, activists are pushing the country to fully divest from fossil-fuel extraction and complete its transition to renewable energy. In Gaza, health practitioners harness solar power to battle daily life-threatening energy blackouts in hospitals. 

This is an excellent film, well documented with interviews, and in the words of Miller: "The choice to develop Tomorrow's Power was a matter of following my heart, my intuition, my true inner voice. Each person is here on this planet for such a limited time so it is crucial to do what we can, with the gifts we are given. With all my courage I am answering the call to make a documentary that will not only elucidate and educate but also inspire and bring HOPE to what is, unquestionably, a tremendously dire situation for humanity."

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