The Quietude

Argentina, 2018. dir. Pablo Trapero, 111 min.

Dates and Venues Opens March 15, 2019 Various Select Cinemas

Reviewer Erin Jane

Two beautiful and intensely close sisters reunite in a complicated story of love and family in this emotional drama by Argentinian director Pablo Trapero. Set in a beautiful countryside ranch called "La Quietud", this picturesque family homestead sets the scene for sisters joining together as their aging father falls critically ill.

The ranch is aptly named, as Eugenia and Mia and their mother Esmeralda keep quiet about decades of terrible secrets and hidden truths. And yet, the truth is a main cast member of this story, turning up throughout and making a grand entrance at the film's final revelatory end.

From its affecting music choices to its lusciously shot scenes and fervid sensuality, this film creates a multi-layered web of complicated affection and emotional betrayal, hedonism and even beauty. At times shocking but always compelling, Trapero and collaborating writer Alberto Rojas Apel do not hold back in their inventiveness and depth of storytelling.

Powerful performances by Martina Gusman (Mia) and Berenice Bejo (Eugenia), who are uncanny in their semblance to sisters. In Spanish with English subtitles, you will learn more from expressions and body language and what is conveyed behind words. All together this film is a unique and emotionally stirring experience.

. © 2019 Erin Jane