The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova

USA 2018. Dir: Zack Bernbaum. 102 mins. Opens in December Various select cinemas

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This film is somewhat funny in a tragic sort of way. It's about two siblings who are sent on a fool's errand to a small town in Poland. They are compelled to go at the urging of their grandmother, their "bubbie," who is dying, to find the remains of her dog who died sometime before WWII.

According to Bernbaum, it's very much inspired by his own grandmother, who actually plays the character in the movie, which was shot in Romania, mostly in the Transylvania region, with a supporting cast of non-English-speaking actors in English-speaking roles.

It's an absurdist drama, in the sense that it's comic in the dark sense of the word. After all, that's what the Theatre or the Film of the Absurd is all about: dark humour.

The film premiered at the Austin Film Festival in its Comedy Vanguard section on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 9:30 pm at Bethell Hall, St. David's Episcopal Church. It should be premiering soon in Canada.

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