USA 2019. dir. Shelagh McLeod Stearns. 97 mins.

Opens July 25 Select Theatres across Canada

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This melodramatic film is about Angus (Richard Dreyfuss), a lonely widower, who has his long-time dream of becoming an astronaut. His dream is reignited when a national competition is announced, where the winner gets a ticket for a trip to space. But he´s over the age-limit, and to qualify, he lowers his birthdate so he can enter the competition.

It´s a moving film, if you´re into melodramas, especially for seniors who still have dreams. As I was watching the film, I got the feeling that this might be the last film of Dreyfuss who´s in the twilight of his years. And it is indeed a nice tribute to an actor who´s been in film for almost half a century. I still remember him as the oceaologist in the film Jaws, more than 40 years ago.

© 2019 Ed Farolan