Dates and Venue June 1st and 2nd, 2018 | BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts, Capilano University, North Vancouver

Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues Choreography Heather Dotto, Lara Barclay, Heather Laura Gray and Davi Rodrigues Lighting Designer Andrew Pye Set Designer Colin Cargill Costumes Jennie Cargill, Judy Rohde and Cameldance

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

Lamondance presented an ambitious program on opening night with MARBLED. Innovative choreography, crisp and clean sets, lighting that was sometimes starkly lit or filtered with smoky overlays to enhance a message, MARBLED offered 7 pieces over the course of a 2 hour program that was thoroughly entertaining.

It is important to have the energy of creativity coursing through society. Each of the seven pieces in MARBLED focuses on a thought or feeling that is explored through the form of dance. Ubuntu – I Am Because We Are choreographed by Davi Rodrigues explores the primal forces of good and evil. Set to the music of Jorane, Ryan Amon and Carlos Nunez e Jose Miguel Winisk two main dancers, one dressed in black the other in white, interact with dancers clothed in skin toned body suits suggesting the classic struggle of good and evil.

Mapping Memory choreographed by Lara Barclay in collaboration with the dancers explores the reflection on memory that surfaces in conscious thought. The interconnection between the dancers’ ebbs and flows within the choreography suggesting memory flitting in and out of our stream of conscious. “Have you ever been caught by a memory – stopped in your tracks by the need to sense that moment again?”

Get It Out choreographed by Heather Laura Gray in collaboration with the dancers explores passive/aggressive behaviour in clever fashion using the dancers’ clipped speech to enhance the message. Music, Maiz by Mir and the dark/smoky set added to the allure of Get It Out.

We, choreographed by Davi Rodrigues, began against the music of "It’s Magic" by Doris Day. The clever set, utilizing a door which the dancers used to great visual effect, explored the theme of love and feelings. “And whichever door you choose to open or close will be your own faith.”

The second part of the evening began with lelele. Inspired by Romanian folklore, it is a provocative dance that will be premiered as a full-length piece in 2019 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lamondance. Everything about this dance foreshadows a promising future for Lamondance.

Beakuz, choreographed by Heather Dotto with music by Drehz, Johann Johannsson and Marbled, choreographed by Davi Rodrigues with music by Bill Ryan and Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble and Samuel Barber completed the evening.

The program, Marbled, represents a very personal journey for the artistic director of Lamondance, Davi Rodrigues. There are some brilliant moments and the collaboration of those involved has been rewarded by the result of a cohesive wholeness to the overall impact of this offering. The choreography, lighting, staging and the costumes all show a desire to strive toward new boundaries in dance.

“A show that will Evoke (sic) all the senses taking the audience on an unforgettable journey.” This company has a promising future ahead.

© 2018 Nancie Ottem