Vancouver Theatre Sports League


Arts Club New Revue Stage April 14 - May29

by Stefan Moraw

Theatresports once again proves itself to be an entertaining night out, for as they like to advertise it as "cheaper than a movie". Since its inception in 1980 as a group of actors tying to improve their improvisational skills, the Vancouver Theatre Sports League has become a professional year-round theatre company.

This time they bring to the stage "Full Metal Improv". With obvious military connotations, the six characters involved, one being a volunteer from the audience, bring to life a constantly changing and evolving story plot pulled out of words screamed out by the audience itself. As each audience is different so is each performance.

The story is brought to life and to laughter by a constantly different group of  actors who bring enthusiasm, energy, and great improv skills to create an evening's entertainment very much worth the while. Go early and have a drink or two at the bar/lobby to really get into the mood, but be ready to think fast when it's your turn to get involved. The more the audience participates, the better the show becomes.

They offer constantly changing themes which themselves are as flexible as you, theaudience, can make them. This means one can go and see the same show five times and go away having enjoyed something new, both visually and audibly.