Pacific Theatre


By Loren Wilkinson, Tim Anderson, and Ron Reed

Original music by Allen des Noyers

Directed by Morris Ertman

Until January 1, 2000

by Ed Farolan

This musical and dramatic interpretation of the Nativity story was simply beautiful and inspiring.  There have been many interpretations of the story of Jesus and Mary.  In fact, just recently on TV, there was a movie about them.  But the Pacific Theatre's production has been one of the best I've see so far.

It takes the human and the divine mystery a down-to-earth story.  It delves on the irrationality of dreams and the possibility of miracles.  The actors were inspired in this opening night presentation, moving some members of the audience to quiet tears as the story of the God-Man Jesus Christ unravelled in this evocative production flawlessly directed by award-winning director Morris Ertman.

Christopher Weddell has always been fantastic as an actor.  I've seen him a number of times at Bard on the Beach, and his multiple roles in this show just proves his versatility as an actor. Cheryl Campbell also proves her versatility playing two roles: the old Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist and Rachel, the single mother whose child was killed by the Roman soldiers under the orders of Herod who feared his dethronement by a new-born king.

Miriam Brown as Mary was innocently beautiful with her big innocent and intelligent eyes, fitting her role perfectly as the Mother of Jesus.  And Francis Boyle as the ever-understanding spouse, Joseph, playing his role as the good carpenter who gave a good example to his son Jesus, teaching him the trade and simply being a good man as he truly was.

And of course, last but not least, the music rendered by Allen des Noyers himself who also plays the role of the Angel appearing several times to biblical characters, angels, the messenger sof God announcing in this particular play to Mary about her Virgin birth of this God-Man Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind; to Zechariah telling him that despite Elizabeth's old age he would father a son he would call John ; and to Joseph, easing his pain, telling him that Mary's pregnancy was of the Holy Spirit. Des Noyers is a very talented composer, director and musician.  I like his interpretation of "Joy to the World" at the end of the musical.

Congratulations to Pacific Theatre's Artistic Managing Director and co-author Ron Reed for an excellent Christmas show which must be seen by Christians and non-Christians alike.